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AA Area 55 New Year’s Eve Celebration

Sober New Year's Eve

AA Area 55 Celebrates New Year’s Eve 2017

New Year’s Eve – Sunday, December 31, 2016 – 6:00 pm – 12:00 am dance until 2018!

Radisson Hotel at UTMC
3100 Glendale Ave
Toledo, Ohio 43614

Area 55 of Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup Association is happy to be hosting this years New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance.  There will be music, fellowship, and dancing into the year 2018!

Tickets this year will cost $20.00 per person…a lot less than those “boozy” New Year’s Eves in the past.  So grab your partner, or come stag if you wish, a good time will be had by one and all, and you won’t have to call a cab or get a DUI on the way home!  For tickets contact Central Office or ask around at the meetings, or your home group.  See you there!

Map Directions:


Walking Toward Serenity

“When I was tired and couldn’t concentrate, I used to fall back on an affirmation toward life that took the form of simple walking and deep breathing. I sometimes told myself that I couldn’t do even this – hat I was to weak. But I learned that this was the point at which I could not give in without becoming still more depressed.

“So I would set myself a small stint. I would determine to walk a quarter of a mile. And I would concentrate by counting my breathing – say, six steps to each slow inhalation and four to each exhalation. Having done the quarter-mile, I found that I could go on, maybe a half-mile more. Then another half-mile, and maybe another.

“This was encouraging. The false sense of physical weakness would leave me (this feeling being so characteristic of depressions). The walking and especially the breathing were powerful affirmations toward life and living and away from failure and death. The counting represented a minimum discipline in concentration, to get some rest from the wear and tear of fear and guilt.”

Letter, 1960