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Add Or Edit An AA Meeting

Add or Edit An AA Meeting

Add or Edit An AA Meeting In Area 55

Information Required To Add or Edit An AA Meeting

Please type all of the information that applies to your meeting into a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF document, and send as an attachment.  If the change is just a simple time change, day change, etc. please just include that info in the “message” box below.  NO CHANGES will be made until verified, so please use your real name, email address, and phone number.  For a good example of a meeting with the correct information, see the information on the Amazing Grace AA Meeting.

Meeting Location:

Building or Location [Required]
Street Address [Required]
City [Required]
Zip [Required]
Meeting Time in 24 hr format
Additional Info such as parking location, which doors to use, bus route number, etc. is always useful, but not required.

Listing Information:

Meeting Contact
Name [Required]
Phone [Required]
Email [Required]
Position with group [Required]

Type of meeting:
Please specify all that apply

  • Atheist / Agnostic
  • Babysitting Available
  • Beginner
  • Big Book
  • Child-Friendly
  • Chips / Coins
  • Closed
  • Candlelight
  • Concurrent with Al-Anon
  • Concurrent with Alateen
  • Cross Talk Permitted
  • Daily
  • French
  • Gay
  • Grapevine
  • Italian
  • Lesbian
  • Literature
  • Meditation
  • Men
  • Open
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Punjabi
  • Russian
  • Sign Language
  • Smoking Permitted
  • Spanish
  • Speaker / Lead
  • Step Meeting
  • Topic Discussion
  • Tradition
  • Transgender
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Women
  • Young People

Add Or Edit Your Meeting

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