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Contact AA For Help and Information

Contact AA Central Office in Toledo, Ohio

Contact AA Central Office In Area 55

Contact AA Central Office
3328 Glanzman Rd
Toledo, OH 43614

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Except Holidays)

Phone 1-419-380-9862
FAX – 1-419-380-9978

AA Area 55 Central Office Location

More AA Phone Numbers

Bowling Green, OH: 1-419-352-1545

Fremont, OH: 1-419-625-5995

Lima, OH: 1-567-710-2205

Monroe, MI: 1-734-240-4844

Sandusky, OH: 1-419-625-5995

Adrian & Tecumseh, MI: 1-517-265-3590

Asking For Help

One of the most absurd things we do to ourselves is not asking for the help we need from a friend, a family member, our Higher Power, or the appropriate resource.

We don’t have to struggle through feelings and problems alone. We can ask for help from our Higher Power and for support and encouragement from our friends. Whether what we need is information, encouragement, a hand, a word, a hug, someone who will listen, or a ride, we can ask.

There is a difference between asking someone to rescue us and asking someone in a direct manner for the help we need from him or her. We can be straightforward and let others choose whether to help us or not. If the answer is no, we can deal with that.

It is self-defeating to hint, whine, manipulate, or coerce help out of people. It is annoying to go to people as a victim and expect them to rescue us. It is healthy to ask for help when help is what we need.

Today, I will ask for help if I need it – from people and my Higher Power. I will not be a victim, helplessly waiting to be rescued. I will make my request for help specific, to the point, and I will leave room for the person to choose whether or not to help me. I will not be a martyr any longer by refusing to get the help I deserve in life – the help that makes life simpler. God, help me let go of my need to do everything alone. Help me use the vast Universe of resources available to me.

The Language of Letting Go (#ad)