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Alcoholics Anonymous – Area 55 – District 6

Alcoholics Anonymous - Area 55 - District 6

District 6 – Alcoholics Anonymous – Area 55

The District 6 DCM position is vacant. If interested in becoming District 6’s DCM, send an email to [email protected]

Groups within District Six include:

Learning Never Ends

“My experience as an old-timer has to some degree paralleled your own and that of many others. We all find that the time comes when we are not allowed to manage and conduct the functional affairs of groups, areas, or, in my case, A.A. as a whole. In the end we can only be worth as much as our spiritual example has justified. To that extent, we become useful symbols – and that’s just about it.”

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“I have become a pupil of the A.A. movement rather than the teacher I once thought I was.”

1. Letter, 1964
2. Letter, 1949

Thought for the Day

I no longer try to escape life through alcoholism. Drinking built up an unreal world for me and I tried to live in it. But in the morning light the real life was back again and facing it was harder than ever, because I had less resources with which to meet it. Each attempt at escape weakened my personality by the very attempt. Everyone knows that alcohol, by relaxing inhibitions, permits a flight from reality. Alcohol deadens the brain cells that preside over our highest faculties and we are off to the unreal world of drunkenness. A.A. taught me not to run away, but to face reality. Have I given up trying to escape life?

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