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Alcoholics Anonymous – Area 55 – District 1

Alcoholics Anonymous - Area 55 - District 1

District 1 – Alcoholics Anonymous – Area 55

A.A. Area 55 – District 1 Groups

The District 1 DCM is Deborah A.

Contact Deborah at District1@area55aa.org

Deborah A. and alternate DCM, Chris L. are working presently to connect with all groups within their district.

Groups within District 1 include:

A Saving Principle

The practice of admitting one’s defects to another person is, of course, very ancient. It has been validated in every century, and it characterizes the lives of all spiritually centered and truly religious people. But today religion is by no means the sole advocate of this saving principle. Psychiatrists and psychologists point out the deep need every human being has for practical insight and knowledge of his own personality flaws and for a discussion of them with an understanding and trustworthy person.

So far as alcoholics are concerned, A.A. would go even further. Most of us would declare that without a fearless admission of our defects to another human being, we could not stay sober. It seems plain that the grace of God will not enter to expel our destructive obsessions until we are willing to try this.

Twelve and Twelve – Pages 56-57

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