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Dare To Be Different Has 30 Years

Dare To Be Different Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Dare To Be Different Celebrates 30 Years

Wednesday – January 24, 2018 – Doors open at 5:00 pm, lead speaker at 5:30 pm.

Third Baptist Church
402 Pinewood Ave
Toledo, Ohio 43613

Come join in with loads of other grateful recovering alcoholics, and help the Dare To Be Different group celebrate 30 years of helping alcoholics to stop drinking. We will have a special lead speaker, and cake and fellowship to follow. Bring a dish or dessert to share.

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The Forgotten Mountain

When I was a child, I acquired some of the traits that had a lot to do with my insatiable craving for alcohol. I was brought up in a little town in Vermont, under the shadow of Mount Aeolus. An early recollection is that of looking up at this vast and mysterious mountain, wondering what it meant and whether I could ever climb that high. But I was presently distracted by my Aunt who, as a fourth-birthday present, made me a plate of fudge. For the next thirty-five years I pursued the fudge of life and quite forgot about the mountain.

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When self-indulgence is less than ruinous, we have a milder word for it. We call it “taking our comfort.”

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