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Drag Bingo with Miss Tina Hightower

Drag Bingo - Miss Tina Hightower - Drag Queen

Support The 36th Ohio Roundup – Drag Bingo

Saturday – May 12, 2018 – 4:00 pm

St Paul’s Episcopal Church
425 Cleveland Ave SW
Canton, Ohio 44702

Please join Miss Tina Hightower as she entertains us for a 36th Ohio Roundup fundraiser. There will be a $5.00 donation to play bingo. We will have door prizes and a 50/50 drawing.  All proceeds will go to benefit the 36th Ohio Roundup. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jay at 1-330-313-0785 or you can email us at [email protected] The bingo game will be sponsored by the Stonewall AA Group and the Ohio 36th Roundup Committee. This event is open to ALL members of the AA fellowship.

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Persistence in Prayer

We often tend to slight serious meditation and prayer as something not really necessary. To be sure, we feel it is something that might help us to meet an occasional emergency, but at first many of us are apt to regard it as a somewhat mysterious skill of clergymen, from which we may hope to get a secondhand benefit.

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In A.A. we have found that the actual good results of prayer are beyond question. They are matters of knowledge and experience. All those who have persisted have found strength not ordinarily their own. They have found wisdom beyond their usual capability. And they have increasingly found a peace of mind which can stand firm in the face of difficult circumstances.

Twelve and Twelve
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