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Inner City AA Celebrates Another Anniversary

AA Meeting Anniversary

Help Inner City Celebrate Their Anniversary

Saturday – April 28, 2018 – Doors Open at 9:30 AM

The Senior Center
2308 Jefferson Ave
Toledo, Ohio 43604

You are cordially invited to help the Inner City A.A. Group in Toledo celebrate another year of helping and keeping the next sick and suffering Alcoholic find serenity through working the Twelve Steps of A.A. We will have a special lead speaker share their experience, strength and hope. Come and join us for food, fellowship, and fun. Family and friends are welcome.

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Obstacles In Our Path

We live in a world riddled with envy. To a greater or lesser degree, everybody is infected with it. From this defect we must surely get a warped yet definite satisfaction. Else why would we consume so much time wishing for what we have not, rather than working for it, or angrily looking for attributes we shall never have, instead of adjusting to the fact, and accepting it?

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Each of us would like to live at peace with himself and with his fellows. We would like to be assured that the grace of God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. We have seen that character defects based upon shortsighted or unworthy desires are the obstacles that block our path toward these objectives. We now clearly see that we have been making unreasonable demands upon ourselves, upon others, and upon God.

Twelve and Twelve
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