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Leipsic AA Group Old-Timers Meeting 2019

Leipsic AA Group Old-Timers Meeting

31st Annual Old-Timers Meeting In Leipsic

Wednesday – June 26, 2019 – Doors open at 5:30 pm, eat at 6:30 pm, meeting at 7:30 pm.

American Legion Hall
815 E Mathias
Leipsic, Ohio 45856

Come join in with loads of other grateful recovering alcoholics, and help celebrate centuries of continuous sobriety with the “Old-Timers” If you want what they have, then do what they do. These Men and Women will be glad to share their experience, strength and hope! There will be hot dogs with all of the fixin’s, please bring a dish to share if you can. 50/50 Raffle and Door prizes.

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Humility For The Fellowship, Too

We of A.A. sometimes brag of the virtues of our Fellowship. Let us remember that few of these are actually earned virtues. We were forced into them, to begin with, by the cruel lash of alcoholism. We finally adopted them, not because we wished to, but because we had to. Then, as time confirmed the seeming rightness of our basic principles, we began to conform because it was right to do so. Some of us, notably myself, conformed even then with reluctance. But at last we came to a point where we stood willing to conform gladly to the principles which experience, under the grace of God, had taught us.

A.A. Comes Of Age, Page 224