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Genoa Miracles Tenth Anniversary Celebration

Miracles 10th Anniversary Celebration

Miracles Women’s Group Celebrates 10 Years

Genoa Miracles Women’s Group Celebrates 10 Years of hosting Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for Women. All Women in AA are invited to attend this celebration.


November 01, 2016 – Doors open at 5:00 pm, lead to follow fellowship at 6:30 pm.


Trinity United Methodist Church

Maintenance and Growth

It is plain that a life which includes deep resentment leads only to futility and unhappiness. To the precise extent that we permit these, do we squander the hours that might have been worth while. But with the alcoholic, whose hope is the maintenance and growth of a spiritual experience, this business of resentment is infinitely grave. We found that it is fatal. For when harboring such feelings we shut our selves off from the sunlight of the Spirit. The insanity of alcohol returns and we drink again. And with us, to drink is to die.

If we were to live, we had to be free of anger. The grouch and the brainstorm were not for us. They may be the dubious luxury of normal men, but for alcoholics these things are poison.

Alcoholics Anonymous – page 66