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Miracles – Women’s AA Group 12th Anniversary

Miracles Women's AA Group

Women’s AA Group – Miracles Has 12 Years

Tuesday – November 06, 2017 – Doors open at 5:00 pm, lead speaker at 6:30

Trinity United Methodist Church
387 Main St
Genoa, OH 43430

Genoa Miracles is a Women’s Only AA Group. You are invited to help the Genoa Miracles Women’s AA group celebrate another year of helping and keeping the next sick and suffering Alcoholic find serenity through working the Twelve Steps of A.A. Come and join the us for fellowship, and fun. Female friends are welcome.

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The Language of The Heart

Why, at this particular point in history, has God chosen to communicate His healing grace to so many of us? Every aspect of this global unfoldment can be related to a single crucial word. The word is “communication”. There has been a lifesaving communication among ourselves, with the world around us, and with God. From the beginning, communication in A.A. has been no ordinary transmission of helpful ideas and attitudes. Because our common means of deliverance are effective for ourselves only when constantly carried to others, our channels of contact have always charged with the language of the heart.

A.A. Comes of Age Pages 7-8