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NOCYPAA 12 Traditions Workshop / Spaghetti Dinner

AA Twelve Traditions Workshop - NOCYPAA

Learning The A.A. 12 Traditions

Sunday – April 28, 2019 – Doors open at 2:00 pm – Workshop starts at 4:00 pm

St. Andrews Episcopal Church
2770 W Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43606

Workshop for the 12 Traditions . The Twelve Traditions were first formulated by the Alcoholics Anonymous groups in their early years (1930s and 1940s). These traditions grew out of experiences within the groups of what worked and what didn’t work concerning being effective in helping others to achieve and maintain sobriety. A.A. has continued these traditions and are the traditions that continue to be followed in most other 12 step fellowships as well.

Tickets for the dinner are $8.00 – Any questions?…..call Melissa at 1-567-686-5816

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God Will Not Desert Us

“Word comes to me that you are making a magnificent stand in adversity – this adversity being the state of your health. It gives me a chance to express my gratitude for your recovery in A.A. and especially for the demonstration of its principles you are now so inspiringly giving to us all.

“You will be glad to know that A.A.’s have an almost unfailing record in this respect. This, I think, is because we are so aware that God will not desert us when the chips are down; indeed, He did not when we were drinking. And so it should be with the remainder of life.

“Certainly, He does not plan to save us from all troubles and adversity. Nor, in the end, does He save us from so-called death – since this is but an opening of a door into a new life, where we shall dwell among His many mansions. Touching these things I know you have a most confident faith.”

Letter, 1966