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Port Clinton Nooners Anniversary

Port Clinton Nooners Anniversary

Sunday – March 18, 2018 – 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

St. Thomas Episcopal Church
214 E 2nd St,
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Come join in with loads of other grateful recovering alcoholics, and help the Port Clinton Nooners AA group celebrate 24 years of helping alcoholics to stop drinking. We will have a ham and scalloped potatoes. Please bring a dish or dessert to share. A special lead speaker “Stas” from Men’s Real Deal in Cleveland will share his experience, strength and hope. Family and friends are welcome. Hope to see you there!

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To Be Fair Minded

Too often, I think, we have deprecated and even derided projects of our friends in the field of alcoholism just because we do not always see eye to eye with them. We should very seriously ask ourselves how many alcoholics have gone on drinking simply because we have failed to cooperate in good spirit with these many agencies – whether they be good, bad, or indifferent. No alcoholic should go mad or die merely because he did not come straight to A.A. at the beginning.

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Our first objective will be the development of self-restraint. This carries a top-priority rating. When we speak or act hastily or rashly, the ability to be fair-minded and tolerant evaporates on the spot.

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