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Warm Heart Serenity AA Celebrates 26 Years

Warm Heart Serenity AA Celebrates 26 Years

Warm Heart Serenity 26th Anniversary

Tuesday – January 28, 2020 – Doors open at 6:00 pm – Special lead speaker at 7:30 pm.

River Point Ministries United
2862 131st St.
Toledo, OH 43611

Come join in with loads of other grateful recovering alcoholics, and help the Warm Heart Serenity AA group celebrate 26 years of helping alcoholics to stop drinking. We will have a Taco Bar with all of the condiments. Please bring a dish or dessert to share. A special lead speaker to be announced. Family and friends are welcome. Hope to see you there!

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Those Other People

“Just like you, I have often thought myself the victim of what other people say and do. Yet every time I confessed the sins of such people, especially those whose sins did not correspond exactly with my own, I found that I only increased the total damage. My own resentment, my self-pity would often render me well-nigh useless to anybody. “So, nowadays, if anyone talks to me so as to hurt, I first ask myself if there is any truth at all in what they say. If there is none, I try to remember that I too have had my periods of speaking bitterly to others; that hurtful gossip is but a symptom of our remaining emotional illness; and consequently that I must never be angry at the unreasonableness of sick people. “Under very trying conditions I have had, again and again, to forgive others – also myself. Have you recently tried this?”

Letter 1946