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Weekend Warriors Easter Sunday Meetup

Weekend Warrior Easter Party

Easter Sunday AA Meetup and Meeting

Easter Sunday – April 01, 2018 – 5:00 pm – ?

Club House 419
2040 S Byrne Rd
Toledo, OH

Come join the “Weekend Warriors” AA group in celebrating being clean and sober for Easter. We will have ham, kiełbasa, deviled eggs, bread, beverages, etc.  Anyone is welcome to bring a dish or beverages.  Come for the food food and fellowship, and stay for our regularly scheduled meeting at 6:30.  There is no reason to be on your own this Easter.

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Each Man’s Vision

“Beyond a Higher Power, as each of us may vision Him, A.A. must never, as a society, enter the field of dogma or theology. We can never become a religion in that sense, lest we kill our usefulness by getting bogged down in theological contention.”

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“The really amazing fact about A.A. is that all religions see in our program a resemblance to themselves. For example, Catholic theologians declare our Twelfth Step to be in exact accord with their Ignatian Exercises for Retreat, and, though our book reeks of sin, sickness, and death, the Christian Science Monitor has often praised it editorially. “Now, looking through Quaker eyes, you, too, see us favorably. What happy circumstances, these!”

1. Letter, 1954
2. Letter, 1950