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Women’s Slice Of Serenity Celebrates 31 Years

Women's Slice Of Serenity Celebrates 31 Years

31st Anniversary – Women’s Slice Of Serenity

Saturday – February 16, 2019 – Doors open at 8:30 am – Pot Luck Breakfast 9:00 am – Lead Speaker 10:00 am

First Unitarian Church
3205 Glendale Ave
Toledo, OH 43614

Come join in with loads of other grateful recovering alcoholics, and help the Women’s Slice Of Serenity AA group celebrate 31 years of helping alcoholics to stop drinking. We will have a wonderful pot luck breakfast please bring a dish to share.  A special lead speaker to be announced. Women only. Childcare will be available. Hope to see you there!

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Only Try

In my teens, I had to be an athlete because I was not an athlete. I had to be a musician because I could not carry a tune. I had to be the president of my class in boarding school. I had to be first in everything because in my perverse heart I felt myself the least of God’s creatures. I could not accept my deep sense of inferiority, and so I strove to become captain of the baseball team, and I did learn to play the fiddle. Lead I must – or else. This was the “all or nothing” kind of demand that later did me in.

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“I’m glad you are going to try that new job. But make sure that you are only going to `try’. If you approach the project in the attitude that `I must succeed, I must not fail, I cannot fail,’ then you guarantee a drinking relapse. But if you look at the venture as a constructive experiment only, then all should go well.”

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