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15 Ways To Keep Staying Sober During The Covid-19 Crisis


taying Sober During Covid-19

Staying Sober During Covid-19 Isolation

Staying connected to a strong sober support network is critical to your staying sober, which can make the idea of having to self-isolate for weeks spark fear and anxiety. To help you better manage any cravings or triggers that you may encounter during this time, her are what some individuals in recovery are doing to safeguard their sobriety during this Coronavirus crisis.

These are some ways members of the Alcoholics Anonymous community is staying sober through the chaos of Covid -19:

  • Every morning, I remind myself that there’s no problem in the world that alcohol won’t make worse.
  • I’m calling old friends I haven’t spoken to in a while and catching up on life. It’s a great distraction from everything going on right now and the perfect opportunity to rekindle friendships.
  • I’m getting through this with the help of prayer. I’m glad to have a higher power to give me strength during this.
  • Decluttering my house. Who knew finally cleaning out my closet could be so rewarding?
  • Attending virtual meetings has really made all the difference for me. The first couple of days in isolation, I was really worried I would relapse, but now I feel more confident knowing that there are others I can count on.
  • I’ve been spending quality time with my partner and my kitten.
  • Finding ways to be creative has been a nice distraction from the news. I’m no artist, but I’ve been doing a lot of painting lately.
  • My tools for surviving this quarantine are tea, meditation, and good books.
  • Doing at home-work outs has helped me manage my anxiety. I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of free workouts available online.
  • Every day, no matter how unmotivated I feel, I try out a new recipe. My family has been loving it.
  • I start my morning by focusing on the positive and writing in my gratitude journal.
  • Being in nature is a very important part of my recovery so I start my mornings by taking a walk in the park. I make sure to go early so there’s no one around.
  • I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and snuggling with my dogs.
  • Taking online classes online — I’m finally taking the time to learn French.
  • Taking it one day at a time.

It’s important to remember that practicing social distancing doesn’t have to been that you cut yourself off from the world. While you may need to physically isolate yourself from others, there are plenty of ways for you to remain connected to the greater community. Know that you are never alone, so don’t be afraid to speak out and reach out for help when needed.