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Questions To Consider Before Reopening AA Meetings

Reopening An AA Meeting

Reopening AA Meetings Ideas Have you discussed with your landlord (LL) their readiness to have you resume meeting? Is such a conversation needed? Does the LL impose any restrictions on the meeting over and above those required by Federal, State and County (government) public health authorities in order to resume meeting? How will the group accommodate the LL’s requirements if any? Be specific. Is the group aware of any requirements …

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5 Ways to Stay Sober While Social Distancing

Staying Sober While Social Distancing

Social Distancing While Staying Sober By Sara F. It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, most of us had no idea what COVID-19 was or how it would impact our daily lives in the coming months. Now, with Coronavirus impacting the majority of the world, the general public is being told to practice precautionary measures even if they appear to be healthy. We are being advised to …

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Alcohol Misuse During Covid19 Pandemic

Alcohol Misuse During Pandemic

Alcohol Misuse During Coronavirus Pandemic Alcohol poses different challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those of us who are alcoholics, we realize that any alcohol is misuse, but what about are family and friends use of alcohol? The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every family across the country and will likely have a long-lasting impact on public health and well-being. Alcohol misuse is already a public health concern in the United …

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