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Questions To Consider Before Reopening AA Meetings

Reopening AA Meetings Ideas

  1. Have you discussed with your landlord (LL) their readiness to have you resume meeting? Is such a conversation needed?
  2. Does the LL impose any restrictions on the meeting over and above those required by Federal, State and County (government) public health authorities in order to resume meeting?
  3. How will the group accommodate the LL’s requirements if any? Be specific.
  4. Is the group aware of any requirements coming from government (such as the wearing of masks, meeting size limits and social distancing) that might restrict or shape resumed AA meetings?
  5. How will the group accommodate any requirements coming from government that might restrict its meetings? Be specific.
  6. If the meeting is restricted by LL and/or government requirements, how will the group try to assure cooperation when participants choose to flout the requirements?
  7. Are there additional voluntary suggestions coming from the LL or government for safely resuming AA meetings?
  8. Are there additional ideas supporting safely resuming meetings?
  9. Will the group need to provide any extra supplies (such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant or masks) to maintain/support the meeting?
  10. Will the group need to consider disinfecting common surfaces before or after AA meetings?
  11. Are there concerns related to the sharing of books, the common handling of the basket or the provision of refreshments during meetings?
  12. Does the group have access to additional rooms where overflow could be accommodated?
  13. Are meetings in parking lots and/or public spaces a way to handle overflow?
  14. If in the past the group typically drew more attendees than can now be effectively accommodated under any restrictions, how will that be handled?
  15. Is the group prepared to turn attendees away if their attendance violates any new meeting requirements?
  16. If the group has a greeter, will their role change in light of any of the above?
  17. How will all group members support the group’s managing any new responsibilities taken on in order to resume meeting?
  18. Has the group considered how it will respond if requested to cooperate with local health department contact tracing efforts?
  19. Has the group considered not reopening until such time as it can meet unrestricted?
  20. When will the group reopen, and how will that reopening be communicated locally?
  21. If the group has been meeting via Zoom or some other virtual platform, will those meetings continue in any form after the group reopens?
  22. Are there ways to combine face to face and virtual meetings as one?
  23. What lessons for carrying the message (Step 12 and Tradition 5) have been learned during this time of challenge?
  24. Have we become more sensitive to accessibility issues routinely experienced by some members even before this time of challenge?
  25. Has the group continued to pay rent for its meeting space even though not meeting?
  26. Should the group seek forgiveness or a refund for rent due or paid for the time it could not meet?
  27. If the group embraced an electronic channel for receiving contributions (such as Apple Pay, Cash-App, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle), should it maintain that channel once it is meeting again?