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A.A. Sponsor – 10 Tips On What To Look For

A.A. Sponsor - 10 Tips On What To Look For

Looking For A A.A. Sponsor – How To Choose

A.A. Sponsor – Here are 10 important factors to consider when looking for a sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous:

  1. Experience: Look for a sponsor who has been sober for a significant period of time and has experience with the 12-step program.
  2. Compatibility: Find someone with whom you have good chemistry and with whom you feel comfortable sharing personal information.
  3. Availability: Look for a sponsor who is available to meet with you regularly and who is willing to support you throughout your recovery journey.
  4. Accountability: Choose a sponsor who will hold you accountable for your actions and encourage you to take responsibility for your recovery.
  5. Honesty: Your sponsor should be honest with you about their own experiences and willing to share their personal struggles and triumphs.
  6. Listening skills: A good sponsor should be an active listener who is attentive to your needs and concerns.
  7. Patience: Recovery is a process, and a good sponsor will be patient and understanding as you work through the steps (#ad).
  8. Support: Look for a sponsor who will provide emotional support and encouragement throughout your recovery journey.
  9. Confidentiality: Your sponsor should be trustworthy and able to keep your personal information confidential.
  10. Respect: Choose a sponsor who will respect your individuality, personal beliefs, and boundaries.

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