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All The Literature Zoom Meetings

All The Literature Zoom AA Meetings

Join Us For Our AA Literature Zoom Meetings AA Zoom Meeting Schedule Sunday’s, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm I.D. # 846 0694 1629 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84606941629 Password 430 First week – Pamphlets Second week – Books Third week – Service Pieces Fourth week – Grapevine Fifth week – Historic Perspective Feb. 13th Living Sober Feb. 20th Treatment Feb. 27th Grapevine Mar. 13th A.A. Comes of Age Mar. 20th Internet and Digital Use …

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Thank You For Sharing – Grapevine Letters

Thank You For Sharing - Grapevine Letters

Sixty Years of A.A. Grapevine Letters Book This anthology of letters spans seven decades of Grapevine publication and resembles a lively AA conversation among sober alcoholics. Alcoholics are opinionated; that doesn’t change when they stop drinking. Some of the most interesting and enlightened writing about sobriety, drinking, sponsorship and the Steps and Traditions begins with missives entitled: “Dear Grapevine.” You’ll enjoy Grapevine readers writing about their favorite topics, offering a …

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Practicing Mindfulness – 75 Essential Meditations

Practicing Mindfulness - 75 Essential Meditations

Meditation In Recovery – Practicing Mindfulness Mindfulness is an evidence-based method for reducing stress, enhancing resilience, and maintaining mental well-being. Even short meditations can turn a bad day around, ground us in the present moment, and help us approach life with gratitude and kindness. Early meditations in Practicing Mindfulness take just 5 minutes and are highly accessible. As they progress, exercises grow with the reader, building on previous lessons to …

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