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AA and Al-Anon Joint Anniversary

AA and Al-Anon Joint Anniversary

Joint Anniversary – AA and Al-Anon Groups

Thursday – December 06, 2018 – Doors Open at 5;00 PM, Dinner at 6:00 PM, Double lead speakers at 7:00 PM

Point Place United Church of Christ
4920 297th St
Toledo, OH 43611

You are invited to help the S.S.T.AA group and The Point Of Hope (Al-Anon) Group celebrate years of helping and keeping the next sick and suffering Alcoholic find serenity through working the Twelve Steps of A.A. We will provide the meat and have 2 special lead speakers. Come and join us for fellowship, and fun. Please bring a dish to share if you are able. Family and friends are welcome.

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Unlimited Choice

Any number of alcoholics are bedeviled by the dire conviction that if ever they go near A.A. they will be pressured to conform to some particular brand of faith or theology. They just don’t realize that faith is never an imperative for A.A. memberships; that sobriety can be achieved with an easily acceptable minimum of it, and that our concepts of a Higher Power and God – as we understand Him – afford everyone a nearly unlimited choice of spiritual belief and action.

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In talking to a prospect, stress the spiritual feature freely. If the man be agnostic or atheist, make it emphatic that he does not have to agree with your conception of God. He can choose any conception he likes, provided it makes sense to him. The main thing is that he be willing to believe in a Power greater than himself and that he live by spiritual principles.

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