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AA Area 55 New Year’s Eve Celebration 2019

AA Area 55 New Year's Eve Celebration 2019

Have A Sober New Year’s Eve Celebration


Tuesday – December 31, 2019 – Doors open at 7:00 PM – Eat at 7:30 PM – Lead at 8:30 PM, Dancing at 9:30 PM


Heather Downs Country Club
3910 Heatherdowns Blvd
Toledo, Ohio 43614


Area 55 of Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup Association is happy to be hosting this years New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance. There will be music, fellowship, and dancing into the year 2019!

Tickets will cost $30.00 per person…a lot less than those “boozy” New Year’s Eves in the past. So grab your partner, or come stag if you wish, a good time will be had by one and all, and you won’t have to call a cab or get a DUI on the way home! For tickets contact Central Office or ask around at the meetings, or your home group. See you there!

Map Directions:


The Hour of Decision

“Not all large decisions can be well made by simply listing the pros and cons of a given situation, helpful and necessary as this process is. We cannot always depend on what seems to us to be logical. When there is doubt about our logic, we wait upon God and listen for the voice of intuition. If, in meditation, that voice is persistent enough, we may well gain sufficient confidence to act upon that, rather than upon logic. “If after an exercise of these two disciplines, we are still uncertain, then we should ask for further guidance and, when possible, defer important decisions for a time. By then, with more knowledge of our situation, logic and intuition may well agree upon a right course. “But if the decision must be now, let us not evade it through fear. Right or wrong, we can always profit from the experience.”

AA Letter, Circa 1966