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The Downtown Group 77th Anniversary

Downtown Group AA - 77th Anniversary

Downtown Group Celebrates 77 Years

Sunday October 22, 2017 – Doors open at 8:30 am – Lead Speaker at 10:00 am

Senior Center
2308 Jefferson Ave
Toledo, OH 43604

You are invited to help the Downtown Group celebrate 77 years of helping and keeping the next sick and suffering Alcoholic find serenity through working the Twelve Steps of A.A. We will have a continental breakfast and a special lead speaker. Come and join the oldest AA group in Toledo for food, fellowship, and fun. Family and friends are welcome.

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R.S.V.P. — Yes or No?

Usually, we do not avoid a place where there is drinking — if we have a legitimate reason for being there. That includes bars, night-clubs, dances, receptions, weddings, even plain ordinary parties. You will note that we made an important qualification. Therefore, ask yourself, “Have I any good social, business, or personal reason for going to this place? Or am I expecting to steal a little vicarious pleasure from the atmosphere?” Then go or stay away, whichever seems better. But be sure you are on solid spiritual ground before you start and that your motive in going is thoroughly good. Do not think of what you will get out of the occasion. Think of what you can bring to it. If you are shaky, you had better work with another alcoholic instead!

Alcoholics Anonymous, Pages 101-102

Take Responsibility

We have choices to make every day. Taking responsibility means choosing between the options we have and then accepting the consequences. Sometimes both choices are undesirable, but we have to choose anyway. Do I expect to be perfect in my choices? Do I demand that someone else take responsibility for me? Do I defiantly refuse to accept the options I have? This program seems like a paradox- the First Step asks us to accept our powerlessness, then we are expected to go on and stop being passive in our lives. The Serenity Prayer speaks to us about this dilemma. We ask for the serenity to accept what we cannot change and the courage to change what we can. Fully admitting our powerlessness sheds a burden and frees us to go on from there, actively doing what we can