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Kenwood AA Group Gratitude Meeting

AA Gratitude Meeting

Show An Attitude of Gratitude!!!

Tuesday – December 19, 2017 – 7:30 pm.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
2770 W Central Ave.
Toledo, OH 43606

Come join us in sharing your “attitude of gratitude”, with the rest of the recovering alcoholic as we trudge the road to happy destiny. 🙂

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When Defects Are Less Than Deadly

Practically everybody wishes to be rid of his most glaring and destructive handicaps. No one wants to be so proud that he is scorned as a braggart, nor so greedy that he is labeled a thief. No one wants to be angry enough to murder, lustful enough to rape, gluttonous enough to ruin his health. No one wants to be agonized by chronic envy or paralyzed by sloth. Of course, most human beings don’t suffer these defects at these rock-bottom levels, and we who have escaped such extremes are apt to congratulate ourselves. Yet can we? After all, hasn’t it been self-interest that has enabled most of us to escape? Not much spiritual effort is involved in avoiding excesses which will bring us punishment anyway. But when we face up to the less violent aspects of these very same defects, where do we stand then?

Twelve and Twelve Page 66