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The Life Recovery Workbook

The Life Recovery Workbook

A Biblical Guide Workbook For The 12 Steps

The Life Recovery Workbook: A Biblical Guide Workbook For The 12 Steps

As a complement to The Life Recovery Bible, The Life Recovery Workbook leads the recovering addict into reflection and practical application. By placing the 12 steps of recovery into a firm biblical context, the workbook brings scriptural principles into personal focus. Contemporary “Recovery Profiles,” expanded descriptions of each of the 12 steps, and open-ended questions work in unison with The Life Recovery Bible. The workbook is a guide to an in-depth working of the steps, making the principles of recovery come alive for “one day at a time” living.

It’s time to take the first step! This workbook is about transformation: from addiction to recovery. It is about walking with God, humbly accepting and doing his will. As you work through each of the Twelve Steps, you’ll discover challenging spiritual lessons that will allow you to live your life free from addiction.

Though the path to recovery is hard work, it is definitely worth the effort! God will be with you on this journey as you find freedom, healing, and peace of mind.

Features include:

  • Profiles of Recovery Each step includes a real-life story of a fellow traveler on the road to recovery.  As they share their experiences― and successes―you’ll be comforted, encouraged, and inspired.
  • Guided Questions Open-ended questions, designed to encourage introspection, personal growth, and self-discovery, will give you the tools needed to build a renewed life grounded in biblical truth.
  • Scripture Helps Foundational verses point you back to the Bible and help to guide you through the Twelve Steps.

Candid Reviews

This is a great workbook for those of us that are believers in the Bible and are in recovery. For me personally, it doesn’t take the place of a bible study or an AA meeting. But it makes the two of them better. I am glad I bought this book. I use it with a bunch of gals that meet once a week to discuss the steps and Biblical emphasis.

Susan D.

I have been in a 12 step program for 3 years. The God of my understanding has always been the God of the Bible. However, until I began my recovery journey with the Life Recovery Bible and the Life Recovery workbook, I did not truly understand how to benefit from experiences of the characters in the Bible and apply the 12 steps in my Christian journey. The Life Recovery Workbook uses both modern testimonials and stories from the bible characters to walk me through the steps, helps me ask and answer the hard questions and face the Truth about myself that is helping set me free from my addictions. As my faith grows and I continue to work through the steps in a biblical format, I am experiencing a peace and serenity like never before.


This is a very well put together 12-step book for those addicts following a Christian based 12 step program. A perfect companion for their Bible of the same name. Only problem that I ran into was that the font size was a little small for me, but other than that very good workbook. I use it for all my Christian Faith Based A & D groups.

Robert P.

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