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Voices of Women in A.A.

Voices of Women in AA - From The Grapevine

Voices of Women in AA – From The Grapevine Voices of Women in AA: Stories of Experience, Strength and Hope from Grapevine (#ad) From The Grapevine, the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, find inspiration from generations of courageous women devoted to sobriety and wellness. Spanning the decades from the 1950s to the dawn of the 21st century, the editors of Grapevine have collected 61 personal stories, articles, and anecdotes by …

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Living the Twelve Traditions In Today’s World

Living the Twelve Traditions in Today's World

Living The Twelve Traditions of AA Living the Twelve Traditions in Today’s World: Principles Over Personality (#ad) A gripping exploration of the history of the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and their relevance and applicability today. Today, almost everywhere you turn, celebrity misadventures with alcohol and drug use, overdoses, and relapses are splashed across the headlines. Popular starlets are “doing time” in rehab for theft and misconduct. Yesterday’s heroes congregate …

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Thank You For Sharing – Grapevine Letters

Thank You For Sharing - Grapevine Letters

Sixty Years of A.A. Grapevine Letters Book This anthology of letters spans seven decades of Grapevine publication and resembles a lively AA conversation among sober alcoholics. Alcoholics are opinionated; that doesn’t change when they stop drinking. Some of the most interesting and enlightened writing about sobriety, drinking, sponsorship and the Steps and Traditions begins with missives entitled: “Dear Grapevine.” You’ll enjoy Grapevine readers writing about their favorite topics, offering a …

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