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Practicing Mindfulness – 75 Essential Meditations

Practicing Mindfulness - 75 Essential Meditations

Meditation In Recovery – Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an evidence-based method for reducing stress, enhancing resilience, and maintaining mental well-being. Even short meditations can turn a bad day around, ground us in the present moment, and help us approach life with gratitude and kindness.

Early meditations in Practicing Mindfulness take just 5 minutes and are highly accessible. As they progress, exercises grow with the reader, building on previous lessons to develop a transformative mindfulness practice. With meditations designed for specific situations or emotions, even experienced practitioners will have a continuing resource for mindfulness at every moment.

Practicing Mindfulness was created by the founder of One Mind Dharma. He developed these 75 essential exercises to offer practical guidance for anyone who wants to realize the benefits of mindful meditation. This includes expert advice on dealing with distorted or wandering thoughts and how to handle mental blocks.

Begin a journey of peace and patience today on the path to a calmer, more balanced life with this life changing book. Great for those in recovery who are learning how to live One Day At A Time!

Book Reviews

This book is the perfect practical guide to meditation and mindfulness! I work as a therapist and I often incorporate mindfulness techniques into my therapy practice. What I like about this book is that I can easily flip to a chapter that is relevant to a client and then guide them through the exercise. It is also so easy to show them the steps so they can go home and practice on their own!

I am a mediator myself and I really loved the reminder to practice engaged mindfulness. The whole section on working with mindfulness in daily life was so helpful for reminding me to stay grounded while I am going about my every day tasks. Awesome book and I would definitely recommend it to any other therapist or anyone interested in meditation!



As a beginner to meditation, this book is great! He gives his insight in a relatable way. Definitely a book I will continue to read over and over.


Jill H.

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