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Important Dates In Alcoholics Anonymous

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Important Dates in A. A. Thanks to Nancy O of Virginia for assembling the following information: January 1: 1943: Columbus Dispatch reports 1st Anniversary of Columbus AA 1946: The A.A. Grapevine increased the cost of a year’s subscription to $2.50. 1948: “Columbus Dispatch” reported first anniversary of Central Ohio A.A. Group. 1948: First A.A. meeting was held in Japan, (English speaking.) 1988: West Virginia A.A. began first statewide toll-free telephone …

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AA #3 – The Man In The Bed – Bill Dotson

AA #3 Man In The Bed - Bill Dotson

Bill Dotson – Alcoholics Anonymous #3 On a Friday night, September 17, 1954, Bill Dotson died in Akron, Ohio. That is, people say he died, but he really didn’t, wrote Bill Wilson. His spirit and works are today alive in the hearts of uncounted AAs, and who can doubt that Bill already dwells in one of those many mansions in the great beyond. Bill Dotson, the Man on the Bed, …

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